JS Moore

JS Moore grew up all over the northeastern Tennessee region. “I'd been read to as a child, gained an interest in reading early on, and pushed by good mentors like Linda Barbee – librarian, Connie Livesay Lambert at Rogersville Middle School, and Shirley Whitt at Volunteer High School. Seems like everywhere we moved to and wherever I found myself – there was someone there meant to find me and help me focus on my inner voice and let it out on paper.” A graduate of Sullivan South High School, Jason credits having dedicated unorthodox teachers throughout his lifetime for encouraging his writing and fanning a flame for a love of humanity. “It's not always something so easy to believe in, humanity,” Moore shares, “In fact, mankind is pretty sorry to one another as a whole. My mantra is to be a difference in the lives of others and to witness those blessings firsthand.” After joining the service during the first Gulf War, he served as a military police officer in the United States Army. “M P – at least for me – wasn't law enforcement. M P was multi-purpose. Assist. Protect. Defend. I was at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico for a year and it was there I was first introduced to Hunter S. Thompson. I had a pretty open mind already, but Thompson helped me to begin to see things in the broader view.” Finishing up his service in Georgia with an honorable discharge, Moore returned to east Tennessee to his hometown of Kingsport and held several different jobs, but decided to utilize the Montgomery G.I. Bill to go to college. He enrolled in East Tennessee State University to study history and english. “My junior year at ETSU I did finish, but it was my final year there because I got married and before long had a little daughter to help raise. I went back to working two to three jobs at a time. I worked for Food Lion, SPS, and also waited tables and various restaurants.” Eventually I returned to college but this time to Northeast State.

​“My GI Bill didn't cover my education for more than two years time because I did not serve more than two years in the military, though my agreement as part of my discharge stipulated I would receive the full four years. See, Bill Clinton reduced military forces and people got out early. The excuse they gave me was that I sleepwalked, but I had a waiver already to stay in. I'd just be in a Garrisoned Unit. When Dubya took office, veteran benefits were severely messed with, so my ability to return to school on the Government's dime was no longer possible. This affected me and my faith in those in power – or lack thereof.” In 2003 JS Moore awoke from a dream and began writing his first book. He wrote seven chapters and knew the name of the book, Understanding Apples. Over the course of the next two and a half years he continued writing his first collection of stories. “Most of that book I wrote while riding in the passeger seat of a furniture delivery truck. It was hard work I was doing, but I was making time to write – which was also therapeutic.” His first book was released in 2006. “I really only got one real rejection from a publisher, but it was me rejecting their offer. They wanted all the rights to the work. They wanted to pay me 10% royalties on their wholesale price. And also they wanted to change the book's title. I called a friend of mine and set up a meeting. He had an associate big in an publish on demand company. This was a new concept and I decided Outskirts Press could print my first book.

"I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?"
Chuang Tzu