“I'm in no way perfect. My writing will reflect this. If you focus on typoes and imperfections, then my books are not for you. Go and read something humans haven't written...
My Book Shelf
​​“I'd been read to as a child, gained an interest in reading early on, and pushed by good mentors like Linda Barbee – librarian, Connie Livesay Lambert at Rogersville Middle School, and Shirley Whitt at Volunteer High School. Seems like everywhere we moved to and wherever I found myself – there was someone there meant to find me and help me focus on my inner voice and let it out on paper.”
​​​“It's not always something so easy to believe in, humanity. In fact, mankind is pretty sorry to one another as a whole. My mantra is to be a difference in the lives of others and to witness those blessings firsthand.” After joining the service during the first Gulf War, I served as a military police officer in the United States Army. “M P – at least for me – wasn't law enforcement. M P was multi-purpose. Assist. Protect. Defend."